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About Chhutuk Heights

Chhutuk Heights Hotel is located in a privileged spot, right near the Suru River, far enough from Kargil town for its flow to be calmer and its turquoise color mesmerizing. It is this kind of place where one can stay a while just admiring the wilderness and its untouched beauty, either from the balcony of a room, or sitting in the garden. Note that our preferred season here is summer, which is very pleasant and one can enjoy the peack apricot season. The beginning of autumn, when leaves start to get a golden tone rarely seen in India, and Suru gets even more deeply turquoise is also a great sight. Each moment of the year has its own charm! Chhutuk Heights Hotel is the choice of nature lovers, where one can relax after a day of discoveries, still admiring Ladakh incredible nature from the comfort of spacious and luminous rooms, facing either the Suru River or the secret garden. All facilities available and more, a spacious restaurant to enjoy Indian, Chinese, continental and Kargili gastronomy.

About Kargil

Kargil is one of the two districts of Ladakh region with Leh in northern Jammu & Kashmir. With an average altitude of 8000 feet above sea level, Kargil region receives warm summers with two agricultural crops and seven long months of winter. Kargil is located in the mouth of the Karakoram ranges. Being lower than Himalayas, Karakoram ranges allowed traders and explorers on the Silk Route a relatively easier passage to Central Asia. This is one a the main reasons for people to settle in Kargil and made the small town prosper through the Great Trade. The business activities between Central Asia, Kashmir, Tibet and China brought with them rich cultural exchanges which one can observe till today in the daily life of Kargili people, from food habits to crafts, dresses, festivals, etc. The old town of Kargil houses the 150 years old Caravanserai facing Suru River, and old houses, mainly in the old Bazaar. Kargil will thus seduce both history lovers and adventurers; the scenery, incredible trekking routes, adventure sports, wilderness and hidden treasures are there to be explored and will remain with you for long.